Wednesday, 15th January, 2003, one of the most beautiful days in life of a Greek whose aim is to do the best especially for the two lands Austria and Greece.

Georges Dimou is awarded with the “Golden Medal for Merits of the Federal Land Vienna” an order for his intensive efforts for international understanding.DimouAuszeichnung112
Many of his friends came to celebrate, some joked that Georges was awarded with the medal for staying so long in Vienna; others said that he is so successful because of his Mediterranean temperament which results in laughing, living, loving and enthusiasm. But all his friends were happy about the honour for Georges.

Georges was born in Thessaloniki, studied dramatic and vocal art in Athens and from the beginning he was successful as actor and singer with international repertoire.

In 1958, the manager Mr. Parker engaged Georges to Austria where he started as a singer in the Viennese “Splendid Bar”. Some years later, meanwhile Georges was the owner of the “Splendid Bar”, he arranged the musical programme by himself; success and audience were on his side. His regular guests were international stars like Ava Garden, Elisabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Kirk Douglas, James Mason, Omar Sharif, Mel Ferrer, politicians, artists, aristocrats and all people loving Georges and his music.
Even today his guests tell stories about the glory and appeal of the “Splendid Bar”. As an actor and musician he played in amusing films as e.g. “The crazy aunts”, “The world is azure”, “Red lips have to be kissed”.

Since 1970, Georges has a greek restaurant “Schwarze Katze” – “Black Cat” near the “Theatre of Vienna” at the “Naschmarkt” with original greek cuisine, a wide range of greek wines and many regular guests who enjoy greek music and talking with Georges.

Georges Dimou became an “Embassador of Music”.
Each year he engages top musicians, singers and dancers of Greece for a “Sirtaki – Tour” through Austria.

Austrian people are really deeply in love with greek music and so there were a lot of television-recordings such as e.g. “Sirtaki on the Danube”, “The Greeks in Graz” and live-recordings of his concerts.

But he is not only engaging Greek musicians for Austria, he, too, has arranged a “Viennese Evening” in Thessaloniki.

He organised a manifold programme which showed the plenty of music of Vienna with opera, operetta, Viennese melodies, popular music of violins, guitars and concertina and the famous musicals of “Vienna’s theatre”. Greek Television, which recorded the concert, showed the “Viennese Evening” until now for seven times.

The new CD of Georges “Sing´ ein Lied für die Welt” - “Sing a song for the world” was published in May 2005 by EMI Music Austria.
Music was composed by the famous Greek composers
Jorgos HATZINASSIOS („Sing ein Lied für die Welt“, „Simera“),
Jorgos KATSAROS („Opa, Opa“, „Maria me ta kitrina”),
Alexis PAPADIMITRIOU (“S´agapo jati s´agapao”, “Ime trelos pu s´agapisa”) and
Nikos IGNATIADIS (“Kokkino Garifallo”, “Pote, Pote”, “An anixis tin kardia mou”);
German words were written by the celebrated text writer Hanneliese KREIßL – WURTH.

Georges sings in German and Greek language about love, emotion, children, summer and sea and of course about Greece.